Database Applications

Uninterrupted communication and the collection of process data are part of a modern factory. An application for controlling the production is often needed between the factory level and the higher level ERP systems, SAP for example. This application is used to optimize the use of the production orders obtained from the higher level system. The process order data is transformed at this factory level (MES level) to a format suitable for use with the automation process system. The MES level application can also at this point save production data for later use, for example for production tracking.

The MES system (Manufacturing Execution System) collects data from the automation system including for example production saldo, production runtime parameters needed for quality tracking, raw-material consumption and energy use. This collected data can be used to generate reports at the MES level, as well as for sending the data forward to the ERP level.

Custom-made Solutions

Our MES applications are custom-made for each customer. The applications collect the data straight from the process automation system to a database, which ensures correct and timely information. Our MES applications are primarly implemented as either integrated into the process control software or as separate custom made windows desktop and web applications.

The integration of the process level and upper level systems in a plant enables for example the following:

  • monitoring and optimization of production
  • real time stock balance
  • quality control
  • traceability of products
  • full utilisation of dosage systems
  • batch applications
  • follow-up of environmental load

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