Reliable Partnership

Asitek is specialized in designing and implementing solutions for the industry in areas of automation, electricity and database applications. Our services offer a comprehensive wholeness ranging from individual small projects to large integrated systems. Asitek is part of Insta Group Oy and subsidiary of Insta Automation Oy, Finland’s leading supplier and life-cycle partner in electrical automation solutions.

Our Business Idea

We are a realiable partner and we have long-term customer relationships. We provide services for our clients according to their needs. The content of our services range from specially built applications, based on tailor-made specifications from the customer, to project deliveries based on heavily standardized solutions used by the industry.

We always work in close collaboration with our clients, as well as with our system suppliers. A close collaboration guarantees that we can offer our clients the best solution for their needs and present them with the latest means and technology available for use. This means that we are able to offer the best return for the client's investment and a longer life-cycle for the solution.

Know-how & Strength

The strength of Asitek is an energetic entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurship and an open atmosphere are reflected in efficiency: projects proceed from the initial specification through skilful design to a functional and reliable result that satisfies the customer.

We want to continuously develop the efficiency of our work to the benefit of our customers. Our strengths include an open and supportive work atmosphere and a result based evaluation of completed projects. During each project and in the implementation phase, the development of the design is vitally guided by customer feedback, the results of which we apply in future projects.

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