Future-proof and tailored solutions

We have a strong know-how and vast experience in the design and implementation of industrial electrification and automation projects as well as database applications.

We provide services for our clients according to their needs. The content of our services range from specially built applications, based on tailor-made specifications from the customer, to project deliveries based on heavily standardized solutions used by the industry.

Our staff also has valuable process knowledge in numerous branches of industry. Our strongest competence areas are food and pharmaceutical industry, metal, feed, mineral and building material industry as well as technochemical and petrochemical industry. We have also done several projects for power plants.

Up-to-date expert knowledge

Asitek always works in close collaboration with our clients, as well as with our system suppliers. A close collaboration guarantees that we can offer our clients the best solution for their needs and present them with the latest means and technology available for use. This means that we are able to offer the best return for the client's investment and a longer life-cycle for the solution.

Our expert service also includes supporting the customer in the preliminary planning stage, creating bids for offers, monitoring and training.

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